Phone: (323) 617 3647 (Our voicemail greeting may not even mention us, thats because we’re playing craigslist pranks, but you can still leave a voice mail and it’ll be played on the show)


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    • Crazy Lesbian Fuckface II

      In regards to a current episode featuring a girl who threw a tantrum over tomatoes. I am the crazy bitch who was foolish enough to try to date her. I will not deny my title (for I must be psychotic to harbor feelings for that girl), however I will deny a lot of what she said. Meaning, she is a dramatic slanderous twat. I’m happy with the way things turned out because I’m the kind of girl who says FUCK THEY’RE JUST TOMATOES. On another note, whoever called me lesbian santa is by far the most wonderful human being. Thanks for letting me rant in this goddamn comment box. I guess she at least complimented my tits. Mmmhmm!

      Lesbian Santa